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Car Rental Pricing

All of the prices listed below include insurance. You won’t run into any hidden or extra charges when you use our services. We don’t charge our customers out-of-state fees. We also do not charge extra fees if there are additional drivers that plan on driving the car rental. To drive our vehicles, you must be 21 years old or older.


You’re allowed 50 miles free per day, or 350 free miles a week. If you go over your allotted free miles, we’ll apply the mileage rate to your bill. Our prices don’t include the New Jersey state tax.

Daily: $32.95

Weekly: $210.00

Monthly: $800.00

Mileage: $0.22


"I had a good experience with Bargain Rent a Car. This place was the only one that accepted a debit card. Everyone else wanted a credit card or a credit check. I had the car for 4 days and had no problems. I would recommend this place to everyone."


- Derek K. Finur

Daily: $36.95

Weekly: $240.00

Monthly: $950.00

Mileage: $0.26

Daily: $38.95

Weekly: $260.00

Monthly: $1050.00

Mileage: $0.28

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Daily: $59.95

Weekly: $350.00

Monthly: $1200.00

Mileage: $0.30

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Weekly Monthly

Rates Include:

Full Insurance Coverage